Taiyuan building

The Taiyuan building, also known as the Taiyuan Mansion, is a historic structure located in the Talat Noi area of Bangkok, Thailand. It is known for its rich history and architectural significance.

The building was constructed over 200 years ago, as you mentioned, and Agong Tan Hong Eng Tandaraporn commissioned it. It was built during the same period as the Chow Sue Kong Shrine, which is one of the oldest Hokkien Chinese shrines in Thailand. These two structures are important historical landmarks that reflect the cultural and architectural heritage of the Chinese community in Thailand.

At some point in its history, the Taiyuan building was used as a liquor warehouse. Despite its changing roles over the years, the building has retained its architectural beauty and cultural significance. It’s considered one of the most beautiful structures in the old Talat Noi neighborhood.

After that, the building was restored with some rooms preserved.
For example, the office is still completely intact with the original more than 200 year old roof.

The building 10 years ago

The office in 2021 with the original roof