Photohostel & Photocafe

Experience a truly special visit to the historic district of Talat Noi at Photohostel & Photocafe. Our unique location is housed in the meticulously renovated Taiyuan building, which boasts a rich history spanning over 200 years. Situated in the heart of Bangkok, Talat Noi is part of the vibrant Chinatown area, renowned for its old buildings, skilled metal workers, and lively festivals.

Conveniently located within walking distance of both MRT Hua Lampong and the boat pier, our Photohostel offers a comfortable stay with private bathrooms in every room. Guests can also enjoy access to a common room equipped with a washing machine and dryer. Whether you’re traveling alone or with family, we have double rooms and family rooms available to accommodate your needs.

At our Photocafe, we serve a wide selection of beverages, including various types of coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, and soda drinks. In addition, we offer a tempting menu of sandwiches, pizzas, desserts, and the finest ice cream to satisfy your cravings. The cozy ambiance of our cafe makes it an ideal spot for remote workers or co-meetings. Our beautifully preserved, original 200-year-old office can also be rented for meetings, adding a touch of charm to your business gatherings. Furthermore, our unique building often serves as a striking backdrop for movie shoots, further highlighting its architectural allure.

For photography enthusiasts, we organize the Bangkok Photo Workshop & Photo Walk, which combines a photography workshop with a guided walking tour. To learn more and register for our workshops, you can visit us at

At Photohostel & Photocafe, you can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring a friendly and focused welcome throughout your stay. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary heritage of Talat Noi, capturing timeless memories and indulging in delightful culinary delights.